Ministry of Labor responds to EKYSY: Pensions have increased since 2018 by 6,8%

The announcement issued by the Ministry of Labor emphasizes that other policies have been implemented for the purpose of supporting the vulnerable groups of the population.

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The Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance issued an announcement on Thursday in response to statements by the pensioners' organization EKYSY-PEO about the projected increase in pensions, which states that, based on existing legislation, "pensions have increased from 2018 until today by 6,8% due to the development of the economy ".

In addition, it is emphasized that for the purpose of supporting the vulnerable groups of the population, policies have been implemented, such as the increase of the low-income allowance in the years 2016, 2019 and 2020, while additional measures are mentioned, such as the inclusion of all low-income retirees from 2017 in the Christmas Plan. , the access of low-income pensioners to the Minimum Guaranteed Income, the subsidy of necessary social care services, the granting of free transportation by public transport, the full coverage of their medical needs through GESS, the implementation from 2017 of the Grant Scheme costs for a four-day vacation, as well as the increase of the income limits for the Easter Allowance.

The announcement of the Ministry concludes by pointing out that the issues concerning both retirees and low-income retirees are discussed in a coordinated manner with all organizations and social partners, with a view to improving the quality of life of all citizens.