Ministry of Health: Home vaccination for COVID-19 of people who are bedridden

The Ministry of Health announces the beginning of the process of submitting requests for vaccination in the accommodation of patients who are bedridden


The Ministry of Health in the context of the development of the Vaccination Program for COVID-19 announces the start of the process of submitting requests for vaccination in the accommodation of patients who are bedridden.

Coordination for the arrangement and administration of the vaccine is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

As mentioned, the vaccine will be administered at home or at the patient's place of residence by specialized general nurses of the public / OKYPY, who will contact the applicants to arrange an appointment for the vaccination.

The right to submit a request have the patients who are registered as bedridden in the Information System of the General Health System (medical profile of the beneficiary) according to the definition that is valid in the context of GESS.

The home vaccination arrangement will be made upon submission to the Ministry of Health, duly completed and signed “Home Vaccination Application Form for COVID-19 in bedridden patients ", via the e-mail address or by fax 22605491. It is noted that the" Application form for home vaccination for COVID-19»Must be signed by both the beneficiary or his / her representative as well as by the Personal Physician, who will confirm that the beneficiary is registered in the Information System of GESS (beneficiary medical profile) as a registered person.

In view of the above, Personal Physicians are invited to inform the beneficiaries of their list, about the possibility of home vaccination for COVID-19, as well as the relevant application process.

Individuals who are not registered in the GESS or interested parties who want any clarifications, can contact Ms. Koula Michael at 22 605 601, to receive instructions on the procedure to follow.