Ministry of Health: "We took strict measures with desired results" (VIDEO)

The new Novavax vaccine along with some antiviral drugs will arrive in Cyprus in the coming weeks.

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At noon and something, the Communication Advisor of the Minister of Health, Konstantinos Athanassiou, was hosted, who spoke about the epidemiological picture of the country, but also about the vaccination program.

He initially spoke about the transmission chain at the "Pournara" Hospitality Center, emphasizing that it is properly managed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior, while he stressed that the mobile sampling units are in the structure to detect possible cases. He added that vaccinations are also increasing within the structure.

He added that the tracking unit is working feverishly to identify contacts and possible cases. "If there is citizens' cooperation, the desired results can come," he said.

Mr. Athanassiou explained that other European countries have tightened the measures, while some in a total lockdown. "We have taken more stringent measures with the desired results and it takes some days for the epidemiological picture to become clear."

He pointed out that the Minister of Health visited two state hospitals where he found that the situation is manageable in terms of beds and discharges are given.

He stressed that the Ministry of Health is satisfied with the rate of third dose vaccinations, while he stressed that by December 24, more than 1500 appointments have been arranged for the next 10 days for the age group 5-11 years.

Finally, he mentioned that the new Novavax vaccine along with some antiviral drugs will come to Cyprus in the coming weeks.

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