Ministry of Health: Protection measures, targeted tests and vaccination coverage lead to improved epidemiological picture

"Our country is getting closer to its target for vaccination with at least the first dose of 1% of citizens by the end of June"

Screenshot 2021 04 03 132407 Coronavirus, Ministry of Health

Thanks to the great efforts of the vast majority of citizens and the discipline in the admittedly strict measures that had to be taken from time to time, in recent weeks there has been a significant improvement in the epidemiological picture of Cyprus, which allows us to be optimistic.

The significant decrease in the weekly positivity rate to 0,4% (ECDC, Week 19) and the stabilization recorded in the hospital indicators, as well as the gradual decline of the cumulative effect of 14 days (National Report, 18 May), is a consequence of the increased vaccination coverage, the continuous surveillance with targeted tests and the observance of simple precautionary measures.

The vaccination shield of the population continues at an intensive pace with the positive response of the citizens and our country is getting closer and closer to its goal for vaccination with at least 1η dose of 65% of citizens by the end of June. In particular, until May 20, a total of 490,456 vaccinations were given (administration of 55,7 doses per 100 inhabitants). 47,7% received 1η dose of the vaccine (353,168 people) and 18,6% completed their vaccination regimen (137,288 people).

Along with the evolution of the vaccination plan, everyone's attention is focused at the moment faithful observance of protection measures and health protocols. By integrating simple personal protection measures into our daily lives, such as the use of a mask, frequent hand washing, but especially socialization in as stable groups of people as possible, we will remain on the path of improvement, preventing a further deterioration of the epidemiological picture.

At the same time, by implementing targeted control programs for both the general population and workers, Cyprus remains at the top of the EU in terms of testing based on ECDC data (average 43,417 tests per 100,000 inhabitants).

Despite the good data, the need for monitoring of epidemiological indicators remains. Targeted tests in the community and in the workplace contribute to eearly detection of positive incidents and the immediate start of the investigation of their contacts, a policy that Cyprus implemented from the beginning, receiving praise from the ECDC, and contributed significantly to the management of the pandemic.

Continuing the collective effort to minimize the chances of virus spread and further improve the epidemiological picture, Citizens are encouraged to get tested regularly, even if they have been vaccinated. In order to reduce the possibility of transmitting the virus to the social and family environment, testing becomes even more important given the increased social activism of citizens in closed gathering places that reopened, but also in contacts in homes, where the conditions for the creation of transmission chains are favored.

The very positive results of the last weeks motivate the whole society to continue the effort at the same pace, carefully adhering to the measures, remaining consistent in our goal of vaccination coverage as soon as possible.