YPAM: No rest in EF with the escalating challenges of Ankara

What the Minister of Defense stated at the awarding of the green berets to the cadets

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The escalating Turkish provocations do not allow the National Guard any room for complacency and rest, stressed the Minister of Defense Charalambos Petridis, awarding the green berets to the 2020 ESSO commandos.

In his speech at the beret delivery ceremony, which was read by a patrol officer, the Minister said that the escalating Turkish challenges in the Cypriot EEZ, but also in Famagusta, with the recent decision to open part of the coastal front of Varosia, reveal the real intentions and plans of Ankara.

The current situation, he noted, does not allow us to rest as Turkey threatens the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus on a daily basis, without intending to change its position.

"Our elite forces must be in a state of constant readiness, flexible and capable of responding to any challenge, defending the law of our homeland," he said, addressing the new commandos. and hope, as you have proved that our youth feels the demands of the times, is inspired by patriotism and declares its "present" where the homeland needs it ".

Mr. Petridis called on the commandos to honor the glorious beret they will wear from now on and expressed the certainty that they will successfully fulfill their mission and will look worthy of the expectations of the State.

Source: KYPE