Intercity buses: No seats and many breakdowns - "With the cross in hand"

Citizens who use the intercity bus to go to work experience many hours of inconvenience every day

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Citizens who use the intercity bus to go to work experience many hours of inconvenience every day.

According to a woman's complaint on the show "Protoselido", the issue has arisen for some time because there are many people who go by bus from Nicosia to Limassol for work.

"Every day we are with the cross in our hand and we don't know if there is a place to go to work because the buses are full. We are not informed by anyone, as a result of which we are late going to work", he says.

As he indicated, yesterday Monday outside the General Hospital of Nicosia where the stop is located, the bus arrived full. "We were calling but the station opens at 8 and we couldn't find out what was going to happen, so we left 1,5 hours later," he noted.

In closing, he said that today a breakdown was observed on the bus, as a result of which it stopped on the highway at the height of Choirokoitia. "We didn't have any information from the driver, so once again we were delayed in our work," he concluded.

The response of the Minister of Transport

Asked to comment by the Minister of Transport, Alexis Vafiadis, guest on the Front Page show, he said that the company should have replaced its fleet this month. He has ordered 40 new buses which have not yet arrived.

She noted that because she is late she will be fined a month until they come. "They recognize the problem themselves, that's why they have taken another 10 buses from another company in Cyprus to try to solve the problem," he added.

Mr. Vafiadis emphasized that there are well-established solutions that are in the works. The buses are under 20 years old, they are in accordance with the law, but the fleet is old and needs to be changed.

"We often have complaints about the state of the seats but also about the cleanliness and they need to change because they serve a lot of people and the lines are full all the time and we are trying to solve it," he concluded.

Source: Sigmalive