Consumer Protection Agency: Dangerous children's toys on the market

Dangerous children's toys on the market

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The Consumer Protection Service (CPC) of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, as the competent authority in Cyprus for the operation and management of the European Rapid Information Exchange System for non-food products, informs consumers that the week starting at 12 / 09/2022 (RAPEX - Report 37) 34 products that pose a risk to their health and safety have been notified to the System. These products were found in the markets of various Member States of the European Union and were then notified to the RAPEX Safety Gate System.

Consumers can be informed about the dangerous products on the CPC website at

The 34 products were distributed for market control purposes as follows:

Fourteen (14) to the Consumer Protection Service.

• Eight (8) in the Labor Inspection Department.

• Five (5) in the Electromechanical Services Department.

• Two (2) in the Road Transport Department.

• Two (2) in the Environment Department.

• One (1) in the Pharmaceutical Services Department.

• One (1) in the Service of Mines.

• One (1) in the Department of Agriculture.

See the products here