Two who received a kilo of methamphetamine from the post are in custody for 8 days

They received a kilo of methamphetamine in the mail and were handcuffed

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An 8-day detention order against two persons to facilitate Police investigations regarding an ongoing drug importation case, the Nicosia District Court issued on Tuesday.

In his statements to the KYPE, a Police press representative mentioned that the two persons, aged 27 and 28, were presented to the Court yesterday, which decided on their 8-day detention for the purpose of investigating a case of importing drugs, specifically methamphetamine, weighing approximately 1 kg.

The Police had announced on Monday that after a check carried out on a package that arrived from abroad at a post office in Cyprus, suspicions were raised that it contained drugs and the National Security Agency was informed.

On Monday morning, the 27-year-old went to a post office in Nicosia, where he introduced himself as the recipient of the package. Upon receipt of the package, members of YKAN immediately proceeded to check the suspect and to arrest him for an unprovoked crime, since as it was established, the postal package contained a quantity of methamphetamine weighing approximately 1 kg, which was confiscated.

According to the Police, the second suspect, aged 28, was in a car outside the post office, who allegedly tried to escape in the sight of the Police members, but without success, as a result of which he was arrested.

Source: KYPE