Two persons in custody for a robbery case in Larnaca

He allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened him

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The District Court of Larnaca today issued a detention order for four days against two persons, aged 24 and 18, to facilitate the Police's investigations regarding an investigated case of robbery, which was committed last night in Larnaca.

According to a Police announcement, "the case was reported by a 31-year-old man, according to whom around 11.30:XNUMX on Sunday evening, while he was leaving the apartment building where he lives in Larnaca, on his bicycle, he was approached by two unknown persons and they asked him for money. The complainant allegedly answered them that he had no money, as a result of which the two attacked him, hit him in the face and snatched his mobile phone.

However, "in the 31-year-old's attempt to regain his phone, one of the two perpetrators allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened him, as a result of which the two managed to escape.

It is added that "after his complaint to the Police, the 31-year-old visited the Larnaca General Hospital, where he was given first aid, after sustaining facial injuries. But upon his return to his apartment, the 31-year-old allegedly spotted the two suspects on a street in Larnaca and informed the Police."

Members of the Force immediately went to the scene, where they located the two suspects and stopped them for a check. As it was established, it was about two young people aged 24 and 18.

The two persons were informed by the police about the reasons for their resistance, and the 18-year-old allegedly attacked the members of the Police, with the aim of avoiding the investigation. He was eventually arrested for the unprovoked offense of assaulting a police officer and resisting lawful arrest.

Subsequently, in a search of the 18-year-old's bag, the complainant's phone was allegedly found, which was received as evidence.

Arrest warrants were obtained against the two persons, pursuant to which they were arrested and today they were brought before the Larnaca District Court, which issued a detention order against them for four days.

TAE Larnaca is investigating the case.

Source: KYPE