3 people in custody for armed kiosk robberies

Two more 29-year-olds are wanted against whom arrest warrants have been issued and are wanted.


The Paphos Police arrested a third person in the early hours of the morning for the cases of armed robberies of kiosks in Paphos.

According to the Head of TAE Paphos, Michalis Nikolaou, this is a 27-year-old permanent resident of Cyprus who is allegedly involved in three of the robberies of kiosks and three burglaries, while two more 25-year-olds are already in custody for the case, while two more are wanted. 29-year-olds against whom arrest warrants have been issued and are wanted.

Mr. Nikolaou said that a total of five robbery cases, committed between March 4 and 16, in five kiosks in Paphos, as well as a sixth robbery case committed last January, in a restaurant in Paphos province, are being investigated by the TAE. A case of car theft is also being investigated, as well as a case of arson of the stolen vehicle.

As reported, the stolen car, on March 19, was found burned, in a rural area of ​​Paphos, with the examinations at the scene showing that the fire in the vehicle had been set maliciously. The car, worth 2000 euros, was stolen between March 15th and 16th, while it was parked in a parking lot of an apartment building in Paphos. According to information obtained from the investigations so far, it is believed that the perpetrators used it for their movements during the commission of a number of robberies.

For the commission of the robberies, evidence initially emerged, against the two 25-year-olds, for whose arrest court orders were issued. The first 25-year-old was located after a targeted operation by members of the Paphos Police Directorate, in a hotel room in the Paphos province, where he was arrested. The second 25-year-old was arrested a little later, at the Polis Chrysochous Police Station, where he was being held, after his arrest on March 17, as a suspect for the burglary of a pharmacy, in the province of Paphos.

Two robbery cases are being investigated against the first 25-year-old, namely a robbery case against a restaurant worker in Paphos province, committed on the morning of January 14, when the woman was opening the premises, as well as a robbery case, committed on March 4. , at a kiosk in Paphos. The robbery at the kiosk, according to the information under investigation, was committed under the threat of a pistol and a knife, brought by the two perpetrators.

Four other robbery cases are being investigated against the second 25-year-old, who after his arrest, interrogated by members of the Paphos TAE, allegedly confessed to committing three of the robberies. He specifically confessed to the robberies committed on March 12, 15 and 16, in three kiosks in Paphos, while he also allegedly confessed to the theft of the car, which was later found burnt.

The first robbery was committed by two suspects, under the threat of an iron crowbar, brought by one suspect. The robbery on March 15, according to the evidence under investigation, was committed under the threat of a pistol carried by the perpetrator, while always according to the evidence under investigation so far, the robbery on March 16, was committed under the threat of a shotgun carried by the perpetrator. one of the two perpetrators.

Along with the March 16 robbery, which the second 25-year-old allegedly confessed to, the police investigations so far show evidence against the robbery that was committed a few minutes earlier, in another kiosk, also under the threat of a short-range shotgun. weapon.

The investigative work of the Police continues after the new arrest and to locate the two other alleged perpetrators.