Ministerial: Financial support and establishment of Local Prevention Councils

The Plan's budget amounts to 5.000.000 euros

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The Council of Ministers met today under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis. Among others, the following decisions were taken:

Approved a Grant Scheme for the Genetic Improvement of the sheep and goat populations of Cyprus. The Plan in question will be implemented during the period 2023-2026 and aims to upgrade the goat and sheep farming sector in Cyprus, through the granting of targeted subsidies to sheep and/or goat breeders, as well as specific genetic evaluation services, improved reproductive and general management of livestock and the breeding unit. The Plan's budget amounts to 5.000.000 euros.

The Council of Ministers decided to set up Local Crime Prevention Councils.

The action of the Local Crime Prevention Councils (LCPCs) will focus mainly on the following pillars:

a) Coordination of actions and cooperation between the Police, competent State Authorities, Local Authorities and voluntary organizations to prevent delinquency.

b) Systematic monitoring and analysis of delinquency at the local level.

c) Prevention of delinquency, at the local level, through specific initiatives, partnerships, measures and programs, to eliminate the factors that favor the manifestation of delinquency.

d) Cooperation, on a systematic basis, with the Local Authorities, competent State Authorities, professional bodies, schools, universities and the Cyprus Addiction Treatment Authority, for the prevention of delinquency.

The Council of Ministers also approved a Tuition Subsidy and Feeding Plan for children up to four (4) years of age. The plan concerns support cases of children where a substantial loss of family income is found.

A Financial Support and Support Plan was also approved for persons who were under the care of the Director of Social Welfare Services and who have the right to apply for the provision of a Minimum Guaranteed Income. In particular, the plan concerns students who work during their course breaks. It also concerns persons serving their military service.

The Council of Ministers, taking into account the special conditions created by the pandemic and inflation, also approved a new Plan to Support Pensioners with Low Incomes. This decision concerns approximately 22.380 households. The relevant expenditure amounts to € 4.8 million.