Ministerial: Additional incentives for restoration of listed buildings

The Council of Ministers decided today to grant additional incentives for the restoration of preserved buildings.


The Council of Ministers decided today to grant additional incentives for the restoration of preserved buildings.


The Minister of the Interior, Nikos Nouris, stated after the Ministerial session that this is an extremely important decision, taken at the proposal of the Ministry of the Interior, which aims, on the one hand, to improve the incentives for supporting preserved buildings, recognizing the problem that exists to the increase in construction costs, and on the one hand to give the possibility of supporting some mainly dangerous buildings, and to assist in the reconstruction and revitalization of these buildings, which are mainly located in the urban centers of the cities.



He added that these preserved buildings are part of our cultural heritage.


According to Mr. Nouris, the incentives that were decided and provided consist of the following: Maximum increase of the sponsorship from 90.000 euros up to 100.000 euros for the support and renovation of a listed building and an increase in the cost of maintenance for homes up to 300 square meters from 1200 to 1400 euros per square meter.


If the residence is between 300 and 1000 square meters the amount increases from 1100 euros which was until now to 1300 euros. In the case of houses or large buildings over 1000 square meters, the increase is from 700 to 1000 euros per square meter.


Additionally, the Minister of the Interior pointed out, recognizing that there are several buildings, which are not in good condition, and need immediate intervention, an interim incentive of up to 20.000 euros is provided, assuming that this will cover 2/3 of the total cost of support and rehabilitation in them the buildings. This incentive will be provided per decade and not per twenty years as was the case until now.


"With these specific incentives, we hope that on the one hand the danger will be removed in many of these buildings and on the other hand we will help in the regeneration of these very valuable preserved buildings, which are part of our cultural heritage", pointed out Mr. Nouris


White Belts


Also, according to Mr. Nouris, the Council of Ministers decided today to extend the White Zone until September 2023 in the area of ​​Pegeia, due to the references made in the environmental opinion on the issue of Akamas.


"Considering that there may be needs for further studies in the Peyia area and the publication of the local plan, we have declared a White Zone in the Peyia area, which will prohibit any new development until September 2023 pending these developments," said Minister of the Interior.


He also stated that a White Zone was decided to be proclaimed in the area of ​​the community of Menikos also until September 2023, and also pending the completion of the new zones, "respecting the position of the community council and

mainly recognizing that in this particular area there is a serious nuisance and burden from the operation of livestock units".

"With this action, we want to prevent any new similar development in this area", noted Mr. Nouris.

Source: RES-EAP