In the Ministerial telework, suspension of school events, measures at entrance gates

So far no new lockdown has been discussed

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The issue of teleworking, the suspension of school trips and activities, the suspension of reservists' presentations until February and the tightening of controls at the entrance gates are among those to be set by the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandela, during the meeting of the Council of Ministers, on Thursday, in an effort to address the outbreak of the pandemic and the growing trend in the number of coronavirus cases recorded on a daily basis.

According to information from KYPE, because a lot is received requests regarding the organization of events, the Council of Ministers is also called upon to take a political decision in this regard.

Regarding the issue of compulsory vaccination of specific groups of the population, a competent source told KYPE that such an issue was not discussed at this stage, however, the Minister of Health requested the opinion of the Attorney General on this issue "in order to know what he can do if things get worse".

The same source also clarified how No new lockdown issue has been discussed so far.

It is recalled that the Minister of Health stated on Monday, after a meeting he had with the members of the Advisory Scientific Committee, that he agreed with the experts "To have mandatory PCR control at all airports in Cyprus. We will also have PCR control and Rapid test at all entrances, ports, marinas, while the measures at the roadblocks will be tightened ", Reported

Regarding the Christmas events, Mr. Hadjipandelas said that the suggestion of the experts that will be presented before the Council of Ministers, is that the Christmas events should take place outdoors and for the entrance it is necessary to present a negative laboratory test with a quick anti-aging test. 48 hours, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated. 

On her subject teleworking, Mr. Hadjipandelas stated that it was raised by some experts and is an issue to be raised in the Council of Ministers.

Asked if the suggestion for vaccination of children aged 5-11 years will be led to the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Health clarified how "It will not go this week, we will first wait to see when the vaccines will be available and then it will be brought before the Council of Ministers."