Telecommuters request disconnection after the end of hours

Beware of the gap between banter and seriousness in introducing teleworking, unions recommend

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Working conditions today have been reshaped in the context of a new international economic situation, after the spread of the coronavirus. Offices in the world's biggest business districts, New York and Hong Kong, are staying in hotels due to telecommuting, while in an effort to bring employees back from the comfort of their homes to the workplace, companies are looking for more modern and welcoming professional spaces to achieve it.

In the constantly changing international economic and labor scene, our country is not unaffected, as the effects of the economy are chained worldwide. Teleworking came as a necessary solution to ensure public health, in a country where there is not even the necessary legal background to protect the rights of teleworkers and their employers.

However, thousands of workers in Cyprus were called to cope with the new needs of the market, which changed the working conditions by creating new terms in their vocabulary. One of them is the term "implicit resignation", a tendency of employees to end all communication with their colleagues and superiors, after the end of their telecommuting hours.

Source: EconomyToday