Maria Markou: She won her bet and celebrates her 40th birthday with her family (Photo)

"I managed to live another year of life, I now celebrate this with my babies"

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Maria Markou after the adventure of health, can now smile again and dream setting new goals in her life. Maria is celebrating her birthday today and her personal profile is flooded with wishes.

After the adventure of her health that had kept her away from her family and friends, due to leukemia and her move to Germany for more than three months, Maria Markou returned home with strength, courage, patience and faith. of. The adventure of her health had mobilized her friends and many of her fellow citizens, who from the first moment wanted to stand by her side to defeat the difficult but not invincible enemy that plagued her.

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Today, after returning to her hometown, she sends her own message, the day of her 40th birthday, stating that she has won the bet she had placed on herself.

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"As strong as I was and I am, there were times when I said 'I will get to do it but birthday or last year was my last?'
I gave an important battle, but my every day is and will be a battle for a long time, but God gives me as much strength as I need every day.
I finally made it and today I am celebrating my 40th birthday and I am dreaming and I want to celebrate but so much.
Wishes this year and my birthday have more value, maybe because I realized how easily everything changes in an instant, even what we take for granted, a simple Happy Birthday to me means everything because that's why I gave this fight.
Thank you all for your wonderful wishes that were full of love and humanity, thank you for everything in general, financial and psychological support.
I wish everyone health 🙏❣️ »

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