The must stylistic resolutions for 2015

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Among the goals of the new year, add one more: this year let you be better dressed than previous years

We can always find a reason to put our thoughts in order and count them, especially if it coincides with the end of a year and the beginning of a new one.

And although the need to upgrade your style and the desire to dress better can knock on your door at any time, it seems more relevant than ever to discuss now the ways in which you can achieve this. So here are 15 ways to make 2015 your most tasteful year - or, in other words, 15 stylistic resolutions that are worth following.

1. Start wearing clothes that fit your life
There is nothing wrong with a 35-year-old who wears overalls, t-shirts, hoodies and sneakers every day. Not if he works out in the gym or if he is locked up all day playing Xbox. In any other case, it is sad to see men just before middle age trying to cope with their social and professional obligations dressed in the clothes of their little cousin.

a1 19

Henry Smith coat, € 134

2. Throw away the rapper's clothes
Normally your wardrobe should not contain clothes smaller or larger than your size. But even if we assume that you keep some smaller pieces because you intend to lose weight, the bigger ones why keep them? Loose clothes without line and oversized pieces have no place in your closet, because all they do is cover up your good taste.

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Scout hooded sweatshirt, € 39,20

3. Elegance is achieved by subtraction
Although the clothing risks are rewarded, the austerity of the clothes ensures the elegance. Whenever it comes to finesse, make sure your ensemble is not busy. Archetypal men's pieces, such as the suit, the navy blazer, the camel coat, the beige chino emphasize your good aesthetics.

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Beige trousers New Look, € 21,41

4. You do not star in a black and white movie
So the colors you choose matter. It is perfectly understandable that you feel comfortable wearing black, gray and dark blue clothes, but the real stylistic intelligence is hidden between vivid green, bright yellow and fiery red. Of course, for a start you can choose the most hazy variants, if you are not ready "for something more pop".


Yellow sweater Maison Martin Margiela 10, € 148

5. Your jeans should be yours
And we do not mean that it could be stolen, but that it could have such a bad application that it looks like stolen. Since when we talk about jeans, the fabric is always more or less the same, the big bet is to find the one that will fit your glove body. Fortunately, the variety is inexhaustible.


Jeans Diesel Jeans Buster, € 185

6. The clock is not a toy
The watch is an art to be exact, but let's say you do not have the necessary budget to buy a sample of high-end watchmaking. Does not matter. However, apart from some funky, plastic models - which are cool to wear especially during the summer months - the watches that go through your wrist must always be well made, quality and stylish. Do not forget, after all, that this is one of the few pieces of jewelry that a man can comfortably wear.

Conquest Classic Chronograph small

Chronograph Longines Conquest Classic, € 2.267

7. Funny prints make you look funny
If you are not 12 years old or a tourist in Rhodes, this joke must stop. Sexual innuendos, clichés like "I'm with stupid" and other such graphics in sweatshirts and t-shirts should finally be banished from your closet.


T-shirt with abstract pattern Clash-ified.2, € 53

8. Accessories are your friend
You do not have the appetite or money to make big changes in your wardrobe in the new year, but would you like to be refreshed? No problem. The answer lies in the accessories, not in the conventional ones that you wear anyway, such as scarves and belts, but in slightly more unexpected pieces, such as funky bow ties, posets, straps. If your temperament "lifts" them, they will reward you with the special style they will give you.


Jack & Jones tie, set and bow tie set, € 31,43