That's kind of how Nissi Beach was in 1977

a 32 Nissi Beach, Beaches
a 70 Nissi Beach, Beaches

40 whole years ago, everything in Cyprus looked very different.

Almost nothing reminds me of today's picture.

A photo that has been circulating on our timeline for a few days now shows the Nissi Beach as it was in 1977 and City Free Press website publishes today.

Few people visited it and its beauty was so natural.

It is noted that the island of Nissi, has an area of ​​about 500 meters, while creating its own bay. It is named after the small island near the coast.

It is that uninhabited island that you can easily reach on foot, crossing the shallow transparent waters.

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a1 8 Nissi Beach, Beaches

Source: City Free Pres