These are the official results in the province of Famagusta

Vertical rise of ELAM - Big losses for DISY

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With ELAM emerging as a third party and with big losses for the Democratic Alarm, the 2019 European elections for the province of Famagusta were completed.

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In the province of Famagusta, 36,63% of voters (17.291) voted in relation to 34.33% (14.232) in 2014. 2.84% (491) were invalid and 1.12% were blank (193).

DISY emerges as the first party with big losses, however, amounting to 11,84% since while it received a percentage of 36.02% (5.982) in 2014 it received a percentage of 47.86% (6.522).

AKEL recorded small losses of 0.31%, DIKO an increase of 1,1%, while the increase of the percentages of ELAM is impressive, which emerged as the third party with an increase of 12,54%.

Also, EDEK remained stable, although in 2014 it came down in collaboration with the Movement of Ecologists, while the Movement "Jasmine" managed to collect 357 votes and a percentage of 2,15%. Finally, the Democratic Party received 339 votes (2.04%).

See the comparison table of the European elections 2019-2014:

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