Annita: I belong to the Clergy school of thought – Family is my strength (VIDEO)

The President of the Democratic Alarm Annita Dimitriou was hosted on the Front Page

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On the front page, the President of the Democratic Alarm, Annita Dimitriou, was hosted, who spoke about her new duties and also about her family, which, as she said, is her strength.

He began by saying, “We humbly move forward with responsibility, we have a job ahead of us. We are encouraged by the power of the world that trusts us and now we have to prove that we really make the world white. I had not imagined all this but in my life I try to claim and of course in politics we must always ask for the verdict of the people. Every day we are judged by the world."

He went on to say, "the first step to achieve unity in practice was the overwhelming turnout at the ballot box. We have given the message of unity and this must continue, it is only the beginning. the election of the rest of the leadership will follow."

Speaking about the former president of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, he said that he is the honorary President of DISY and that he remains in the Democratic Alert. "He congratulated me personally as the President of the Republic congratulated me, he is always by our side and we are always in communication".

When asked about the new government, she replied that time should be given "it is a new government, we don't want to start throwing fire, we will continue as a sign and above all with concern for the place. We will also have a meeting as DISY with the PtD after his return from the official visits".

He later said, “I think the time has passed when we thought that politicians were winning by throwing fire at each other. We belong to the Cleric school of thought, which is the way we behave, it is our attitude. I embrace this school and I try to follow it as long as I am on the front line and in politics, but also in my own life."

Referring to her family, she said, “my family is always by my side and my husband and my parents and my siblings and everyone. I like that my family is always subtly beside me, I appreciate it very much, they never seek the limelight, they are subtly by my side, my strength my port. We are human beings, when we return home we want to rest and know that whatever happens our people will be by our side".