PtD reaction to incidents: Anarchist elements have no place (VIDEO)

PtD reaction to incidents: Anarchist elements have no place

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Until the last day of my presence in the Government, I will create a climate that will be a deterrent from here on out for phenomena like those that occurred yesterday in Limassol, said today the President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis.

In his statements to journalists, on the sidelines of the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the new Cyprus Museum, the President of the Republic, in response to a journalist's observation that Mr. Tatar yesterday repeated the demand for the recognition of two states in Cyprus, said that "it is not yesterday that he sent the messages Mr. Tatar and Turkey, are from April 25, 2021 when the informal five-party meeting took place under the auspices of the UN and they now put forward in writing what they have been aiming for for a long time, that is, the creation or recognition of two separate states, in addition to basis as provided for by the pile of resolutions and decisions of the Security Council".

Asked if a social dinner with the two leaders has been set before his departure from the Presidency, President Anastasiades replied "not yet, but to be set you understand it will be completely social given the positions of Mr. Tatar, who means that in order to can discuss the Cyprus issue, we should recognize sovereign equality, or in essence the existence of an illegal formation".

Asked if there was anything new about Mr. Blinken's descent into the region, the President said "I don't have anything new."

Asked to comment on the incidents that took place yesterday on the sidelines of the Grivas memorial in Limassol and on a journalist's remark that the Police are under fire for the management of the issue, the President of the Republic said that "I do not want to comment on any reports to the Police, there were adequate police presence. It is not the first time that these unacceptable phenomena of hooliganism have been presented by some completely irresponsible people and for which the state should certainly take even stricter measures than we have taken so far.

We are not going to be led or allow to be led, and I believe the next Government too, into an anarchy of some hoodlums, who tarnish sports, tarnish ceremonies, tarnish anything in this space. There's no place for substance-driven anarchist elements, really, and you know what I mean."

Asked if the state and unions are accountable for these phenomena, the President said "why should the state be accountable? This is not a phenomenon of Cyprus, in order not to focus our attention again, to focus on the fact that the Government is also responsible because there are organized fans. And they are organized fans of many and various groups regardless of color or preference.

What matters is the unacceptability of the behavior. I will be informed by the Chief of Police, I will give instructions, at least until the last day of my presence in the Government, I will create a climate that will be a deterrent from here on out, for them to think that they can dominate a society that is also distinguished for the ethos and for the peace-loving and for its faith in democracy and justice".

When asked if the UN resolution guarantees that there will be no suggestion of a SOFA agreement for the pseudo-state, the President said that "I have not seen the resolution yet", while when asked if there was any problematic reference in the resolution he said that "there was a problematic reference and we are trying in every way to correct it".