Mavroyiannis' response to dinner: "I don't understand where the problem is"

Dinner with an entrance fee of €300 is organized to support Mavroyianni's pre-election campaign

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Its aim is to be judged by its effectiveness and a non-negotiable condition to respond to the fears and concerns that the citizen faces today, stated the independent candidate for the PtD, Andreas Mavroyiannis, presenting the 1 + 22 Pillars of his program, to be precise, the corruption, immigration, young people, sales, housing, the Cyprus issue.

He commented on the reactions to the invitation to a Gala dinner in support of his candidacy while he expressed confidence that he will be in the 2nd round of the Presidential elections.


Mr. Mavroyiannis proposed, among other things, the universal installation of solar panels on homes on the basis of a graduated subsidy, the abolition of double taxation on fuel, the full acceptance of ATA based on the fluctuation of inflation, the reinstatement of the VAT reduction on electricity, the taxation of unexpected exorbitant amounts. All the measures, he said, are costed and he brought as an example the financing of photovoltaics from the Pollutant Fund, which must be used by 50% for RES and for the green transition. Through this, he added, the EAC network can also be modernized.


Mr. Mavroyiannis was in favor of the limitation of terms and interchangeability in public offices and in the public service, separation of the responsibility of the public prosecutor from the legal advisor of the state, eligibility criteria for all appointments, correct and strict application of the power of attorney. Regarding the front page of "F" today, he said that "it is a sad phenomenon that has to do with the decline we have fallen into. Everyone has the presumption of innocence, but the phenomenon is terribly disturbing and we are not at all honored that it has come to this point."


Regarding immigration, Andreas Mavroyiannis said that the key is not to consider Cyprus a destination country and that is why refugee applications should be processed within 3 months at the latest and followed by humane repatriation. Turkey, he said, is instrumentalizing immigration. He stated that many immigrants consider Pournara a "hotel", described the conditions there as tragic, questioned "what do we think we can achieve by putting up barbed wire in a divided country" and advocated programs for the integration of immigrants into society and the establishment of a bi-communal Technical Commission with involvement of the UNHCR.

Young people - Foreclosures - Mortgage 

Social housing for all throughout Cyprus, rent subsidies for young people, use of idle residential units in the countryside, construction of new student residences, are some of the positions mentioned by Mr. Mavroyiannis. He was also in favor of the expansion and generalization of all-day school, an increase of state investment in research and innovation, strengthening of state student care, promotion and upgrading of technical education, creation of public, quality infrastructure for infants and children.


Regarding the Cyprus issue, he said that it is necessary to restart the negotiation process, from where they left off, to preserve the agreed basis of the ILO solution, with political equality, the acquis of the process and the Guterres framework, despite Turkey's insistence on two states and sovereignty equality. He spoke about regaining the trust of the majority of Turkish Cypriots, the utilization of natural gas, EU mechanisms and the Ankara protocol, can play a decisive role in the development of the Cypriot.

Asked to comment on Ozdil Nami's statement that the Greeks must decide whether they want a divorce or a federation, Mr. Mavroyiannis expressed his appreciation for his friend, a former Greek negotiator, saying that their disagreement is that Mr. Nami "wants to agree on the terms of the divorce before the wedding." He considers it disincentive to ask in advance what will be done in case the negotiations fail and said that what Ozdil Nami is asking will cease to exist as a question in practice, because the Cyprus issue will be resolved.

Gala dinner

Asked to comment on the reactions to the 300-euro Gala dinner, Mr. Mavroyiannis said that it is a practice that happens internationally, his campaign does not handle millions, all contributions are made in a transparent manner and the specific invitation was not addressed to people who have difficulties, but to those who have this amount. “I don't see where the problem is, honestly. Let someone see it compared to the need to give 50.000 to get a golden passport, to give to parties with opaque procedures. I think this attack is unfair."

Regarding the rallying of AKEL, Mr. Mavroyiannis said that he considers that "it is generally going well", "it is improving a lot", saying that there is a way to cover and that it is addressed to all political areas, to civil society. "We are not worried by the poll data, rather they encourage us. And we think it's not just possible, but it's the most likely scenario that we'll be in the second round."

The bar is high with AKEL's trust in him, he said, and from other places, saying that he will break with the practices of the past and put an end to the poor of the place. When asked if he has thought about who he will work with in the second round, he said that "not much", but he is interested in convincing that he is the only candidate who can bring change and not restoration and "one of the same".

Source: KYPE