Averof: Without a defector I would have higher percentages than the 2018 elections

Averof Neophytou answered, among others, those who said that he was not eligible

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On the show of the state channel, Averof Neofytou was hosted on Wednesday night, giving an account of the elections. Averof Neophytou answered, among others, those who said that he was not eligible.

"If in Averov's candidacy with the defection that existed, he got 26%, if there was no defector who went against the party, I might have gotten even higher percentages than the candidate of the Alarmist party got in the first round in 2018." No exaggeration.

He added that if you undermine the faction's candidacy, you are trying to create a schism and through defection an attempt to divide the space that has not been divided because it has a history of 47 years, I consider the result to be very dignified, but the placement in the political office was more dignified.

“It sent a message to society that it's a big thing to keep your dignity and I was honored that young people trusted me. In all the exit polls, I was first in the youth vote. I will not disappoint these young people, I am not a person who in the effort of personal political survival will violate principles and values. For these messages I sent for so many months to the new generation of our country" he noted.

Among other things, Averof Neofytou said that he disagreed with President Anastasiades and his position in support of Christodoulidis. Declaring "I defended positions and principles". He also said that he respected the position of the President for his reduced participation in the pre-election campaign. Regarding the issue of Christodoulidis, however, within 36 hours he asked me for 3 meetings.

Regarding Nikolas Papadopoulos, he mentioned that, while pre-election he was discussing cooperation with Akel in order to expel the corrupt Dissy government from power, yesterday he called on the Democratic Alarm to join forces, in order not to co-govern with Akel.

Asked to answer if there were DISY executives who undermined his candidacy, he said that the executives know who they are who, instead of fighting for me, made wells against him.

"Whoever speaks to the Alarm refers to Clerides. The ones who make the most reports are the ones who stabbed Clerides.

Asked if he bears personal responsibility for the outcome of the election, he replied that he had already placed himself in the verdict of Dissy members, referring to the party's electoral conference on March eleventh.

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