Averov: "I've never been a good Samaritan - Others fight with your taxes"

"I've Never Played It Good Samaritan - Others Are Fighting Your Taxes"

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On the morning of December 28, Averof Neofytou gave a full interview to Protoselidos. The President of DISY and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic spoke about all issues while there were not a few times he revealed unknown things about many things, such as for example his "godfather" who is... Andreas Dimitropoulos.

In the introduction, he mentioned the issue of the traffic problem, taking a "pass" from the previous guest of the show, the Minister of Transport. Mr. Neophytou said that he started from his home at 07.15 with the aim of being at DIA at 07.45. He said he arrived at 07.30 and the reason is that the schools were closed. "Beyond the studies there are measures that when taken will decongest the problem."

"Averof is not hiding. You're right, DISY will be next to him," he said while starting to refer to his opponents, who, as he said, want to bring change, one with AKEL and the other with those who don't talk to each other.

"Who does Mr. Christodoulidis want to change with?" With those who insulted us? Where they don't talk to each other? Where were they leaving the country in the midst of a pandemic without a budget?"

"I follow their various announcements. I credit them with good intentions. If you asked me to tell you about their program? The limit of perfection is reached.

The question is, how will they ensure that the economy continues to run at growth rates and avoid risks."

He was asked why he started campaigning so early and answered that he himself had been close to the people for decades. "We're not doing it out of theater."

"I have been advocating a policy for decades and putting it into practice. I have always been an advocate for the free economy to be strong. With the airports for example.. the Nicosia hospital took 10 years to complete and we are still in the Courts for the disputes between the contractor and the state.

I went ahead with the privatization of the airports and there was no war left that I did not accept and the reticence remained that I served interests. If I didn't fight we wouldn't have airports today. I was an advocate of the liberalization of timetables. It was not to serve 5-10 people who have a supermarket, but we are a country with tourists for example. During that time I was made a partner with everyone without exception who owns a supermarket. By advocating a free market it does not mean that you are serving interests."

"I never supported any bank. I supported and continue to support the local economy. Can you imagine the 3 weeks of March when the banks were closed, what a mess we were living in? Who prepared the bills? Our Government".

He then referred to what is circulating on the various sites about his connections. "They are circulating on the sites that I am a partner of Altamira, Gordian, Pimco.. I am a billionaire (he said jokingly).. do you know how much Pimco manages? Trillions…” he said.

"You're not poor either," the reporter pointed out.

"There is transparency here. In politics we did not add to our assets, we subtracted. We didn't add, we subtracted so many years. It is not anathema if a parent started as a mystarchi and got something for his children,” he answered.

Regarding his picture, he said he never looked at his picture. "Whenever the country had a crisis I did not hide to protect my image. From 2008 to 2013 do you remember anyone else warning of doom? They called me a risk expert. In 2013, the banks were closed and the country was on the verge of total bankruptcy. Who accompanied the President of the country to the second crucial Eurogroup in Brussels. Who were you waiting for outside the steps of the Presidential Office that you were waiting to learn about the future? Have you forgotten everything?'

He went on to say that he never noticed himself. "Every person has his feelings. It's wrong that I never externalized them. Self-confidence is perceived by many as arrogance. I am neither arrogant nor cruel.

"What is happening in Cyprus is immoral. To call someone entangled you have to document it. What is being done is dishonest. I challenged and challenge anyone who can provide evidence to give it to the authorities and report [….] I have publicly authorized me and my family to stop this underground.”

"They bring, say the others, a new political ethos. Is it political ethics to avoid political dialogue about the future of the country?", he asked.

"We will produce a leader for the country. Helmsman, the man who will drive the bus. Not on the freeway, but in the rough corners of the economy. Do we want an effective leader or a likable leader? February, when we will go to the elections, is also the month when it snows in Troodos. Imagine being there with your family and it's snowing. Your car is blocked in the parking lot and has a bus with the ghost driver. He did no other work in his life than to

Among other things, Mr. Neofytou made reference to the global recession which, as he said, is already showing its teeth in various countries at the same time that he himself is called a risk expert.

“You know where I come from. From a farming family. Until the day he left he was with his sheep. This is our message and we are not ashamed. Just because I'm a liberal who wants a strong and free economy doesn't mean I'm a partner in every job. It is my belief and I want to have decent citizens. I never played the good Samaritan. He was at least paying off his backlog. Those who make good Samaritans today out of the taxpayer's money. I don't want the Cypriot to be on the dole, to depend on the allowance. Of course we should help the poor. My view is that I can make an even stronger economy and eliminate poverty to live decently, to grow the pie of the economy and not to fight over a smaller pie about who will get a bigger piece.

Finally, Mr. Neophytou clarified that even if the people do not give him a mandate to govern, he will remain in politics in an institutional manner respecting the party's procedures.

"I went to the elections to win and we will win. The stake is stability and security and the dilemma is continuation and development or retreat with either AKEL policies or a government with people who don't talk to each other. you need judgment to manage judgments.

He was asked at the end if he was bowled. "Sometimes in the movement of my face, it looks like I'm rolling or when I'm talking I'm opening and closing my eyelids. It's not because I'm a bad person or character. I was born with drooping eyelids., I had two operations I experienced this when I was a student but I was stubborn and I am who I am. With my good and my bad."