X. Christou: Our goal on the first Sunday is to have a strong result

The President of ELAM Christos Christou was hosted at Mesimeri and Kati

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Two weeks before the presidential elections, the candidates are in the final stretch of their campaign.

Mesimeri and Kati hosted the President of ELAM Christos Christou who spoke about the upcoming elections but also about the basic problems facing our country.

He initially stated that it is time to leave people alone because they are tired.

"As far as the debates and telefights and in general the meetings with the candidates are concerned, we for our part tried to highlight issues of substance. Let's put some data on the table and ask for their opinion from the dominant ones, trying to give the world a picture of what exactly is happening and what we expect from the next government of the country. Which leads us to believe that we don't just want a name change, but something substantial, a change in the applied policies. Either in the matters of the economy and accuracy, or in immigration and the matters of education" said Mr. Christou.

He pointed out that in their own estimation the difference between them and the other anti-candidates is that they speak very specifically. "In immigration, we have highlighted a lot and explained what needs to be done. At the same time, there are measures that can be implemented immediately, in the medium and long term."

Later, opening the chapter on health, he said, "health is one of the most basic issues and we are worried about both the survival of the NHS and the operation of the OKYpY. Programs can be drawn up that will also operate in the afternoons. Some hiring will have to be done and some positions will have to be filled. I am particularly worried that in the coming years we will not end up in a situation like the Cooperative. Huge sums are being spent and we have not seen timelines being met on a number of issues."

He went on to say, "as far as the public health part is concerned what we insist on is survival and preservation as a good for the citizens and the provision of the best services to the world and to each patient."

In addition, speaking about the cost of living, he said, "in recent years, what we call the middle class has been targeted, resulting in the dissolution of the very rich and the very poor. For us the immediate issue is to find ways to reduce the cost of living. In our opinion, it is the reduction of taxes as far as electricity and basic goods are concerned. They are proposals that can be implemented immediately, such as the reduction of VAT".

Asked if he would participate in a government by putting two-three ministers or simply providing political support he said, "the main thing for us is not to profit from the spoils of power as a party. For us, it is very important that the next President of the Republic embraces and implements the positions and proposals submitted by the National People's Front".

Any move on the political chessboard regarding the presidential election will be decided by the party's central committee between the first and second Sundays.

Anyway, with our own candidacy, we aim for the first Sunday to have a strong result in order to be able to put pressure on the next administration.

Sending his own message he said, "Citizens will have the opportunity to choose the next President of the Republic, we invite them to come to the polls, especially young people. The important thing for me is that they look very carefully at what each candidate stands for and what they are going to do about the serious problems of the country, let them not choose us but let them see what each one is saying now.