Christodoulidis: With the right people our country will become better

"With the right people our country will become better"

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The large, broad and diverse support "is identified, recorded and gives clear answers" and "gives the messages for the victory that is coming, for the victory that you bring, for the victory that we will achieve together", said the independent candidate for the President of the Republic , Nikos Christodoulidis at a provincial meeting last night in Nicosia.

According to a statement, Mr. Christodoulidis said that he extends a hand of friendship and cooperation to all political areas. "Maybe today some people think that the ultimate stake is their electoral success and I understand the reasons why self-referentiality prevents them from seeing the big picture, but we, we can see beyond the small, we can see far and we can let us realize that the next day must be a day of unity and universality".

Referring to his pre-election program, he said that the proposals for Education, Culture, Sports, Health, Youth, Digital Transformation have already been presented in detail, and in the coming days the proposals for the Economy, Immigration, Cyprus and other sections.

In relation to the Cyprus issue, Mr. Christodoulidis said that it is the first priority "and the highest obligation for which we will spare no effort, toil and sacrifice" with the aim of the solution, liberation and reunification of the homeland, based on the resolutions of UN and the European Acquis. At the same time, he continued, we must work on "strengthening the international standing and presence of the Republic of Cyprus, strengthening the unity of the people and the leadership, developing a sustainable and resilient economy, strengthening our deterrent power and our defense shielding and above all strengthening the social cohesion of our country.

Mr. Christodoulidis expressed the certainty that with the right people and with the right program, there is a lot that can be done quickly so that our country becomes clearly better. He mentioned better hospitals with less waiting time, more sophisticated medical machines and better quality service, but also better school classrooms, with more modern equipment, with heating and air conditioning, with new programs and new methods.

In relation to the primary sector, he said that we can have more agricultural production, with quality local products, with an increase in self-sufficiency and with an increase in exports. Regarding the bureaucracy, he said that less can be done to have better public administration with speed and efficiency, but also to utilize technology with smart solutions for easier everyday life with a faster digital transition.

In relation to the labor market, he said that we can have more new businesses, with more and quality jobs, with greater competitiveness, to strengthen the research and innovation sector and to connect with the real economy, but also to have larger and more Universities that meet our own needs and attract students from abroad.

Regarding the quality of life of the citizens, he said that we can have cheaper electricity, a cleaner environment, more greenery and a better quality of life. His references to all these issues, he said, are not slogans, wishful thinking, nor wishful thinking, but "what we want to govern the country for, are what we want and can put into practice".

Source: KYPE