Dinner with an entrance fee of €300 to support the pre-election campaign of Mavroyiannis (PHOTO-VIDEO)

"This is nothing more"

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The much-discussed invitation to a gala dinner to support the election campaign of Andreas Mavroyiannis with an entrance fee of €300 was commented on the front page by the candidate's press representative, Leontios Filotheou.

In particular, he said that "it is not an invitation that went online and is not addressed to everyone, it is an invitation that was apparently circulated. It was not sent and is not addressed to the world. Everyone knows that elections need money and we followed a practice that was done in the past in Cyprus and in all European countries and America. These are the gala dinners that are addressed to certain people who have the possibility to make a contribution. With transparency, in the light, everything declared to strengthen the pre-election campaign. This is nothing more."

He explained that "it's not aimed at everyone, it's been sent personally to people who we know can and have that ability to contribute and want to contribute.
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