DISY for Annita's scenario: There is no plan B - "Syrtaki" the conspiracy

What is being heard and written about the candidacy of Averof Neophytou was commented on by the press representative and MP of DISY, Dimitris Dimitriou

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What is heard and written about the candidacy of Averof Neofytou was commented on the morning show of Radio Proto by the press representative and MP of the DISY, Dimitris Dimitriou.

Asked if there were any thoughts on other scenarios, he replied that “I will be clear and say it as loudly as I can. There is no scenario B, there is no other thought, DISY's candidate is the president of the faction, Averof Neophytou, and we are going strong, we are optimistic, we believe in Averof Neophytou and what DISY stands for. We are sure that he will be in the 2nd round of the presidential elections and if everything goes well he will be elected president of the Republic. Nothing more, nothing less."

He admitted that "the fight is difficult but we have never given DISY easy battles. Things have always been difficult and we have always fought and will fight until the end. And we usually come out victorious. I humbly say this, we fight with respect for the world and the voters and the society and the Cypriot citizens, we fight based on our principles and whatever the result, we are at peace with our conscience that we always give our best us.

To the question if there was an episodic telephone communication between President Anastasiades and Averof Neophytos, he replied that "I do not know if there was any communication, I was away abroad, I had no information. I don't rule it out but I can't confirm it. From then on, the president of the Republic will be appointed when he considers that he needs to be appointed, when he feels that he must be appointed. No one is going to tell any citizen, let alone the president of the Republic, when he will be appointed."

Regarding the rumors about moves by the president's relatives in favor of Nikos Christodoulidis, "we do not comment and do not deal with what every citizen does, let alone anyone's relatives".

Addressing the "dolphins" at DISY, he said that "if at this moment he is concerned with the next day, he is concerned with anything other than the great battle that we have to fight, he is doing damage to our candidate himself and to the faction and at the end of the day to himself". When asked if he has noticed such phenomena, he replied that "to say this means that I have noticed it. That's why I say it. At the end of the elections we will have a lot of time."

He then commented on Efthymios Diplaros' reports of "internal polls", stressing that "to be honest, I don't have internal polls in mind. Maybe Mr. Diplaros knows something more, I will tell what I know and what I feel and what I experience. It is not the first time that there is a mobilization problem in DISY. We are dealing with concerned citizens, we have citizens who are both thinking and productive people who are concerned. Over time it increases vertically as we get closer to the elections, I am compared if you like to the drawer. As the end approaches, we pick up the pace. I am convinced that the rally will be such that there will be no question about whether Averov will be in the 2nd round, it will be comfortably"