An increase in the rent allowance for displaced persons and sufferers was approved

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The proposal of the Ministry of the Interior for a horizontal increase in rent subsidies granted through the Rent Subsidy Scheme for Displaced Persons, Ill Persons and other Persons, was approved by the Council of Ministers at its session yesterday. The decision will enter into force on January 1, 2024.

In the context of this Plan, approximately 4.500 beneficiaries (single individuals, families and students) are subsidized annually, with a total budget of €8.5 million. The amount of the allowance is determined based on the composition of the family and the annual gross family income. The Plan is implemented as part of the refugee policy and has been included in the new unified housing policy announced by the Government.

The increase, which was set at 15% for single people, single-parent families and students and 25% for families of two or more, was deemed appropriate due to the upward trend observed in rents. The purpose of the increase is to help the beneficiaries meet their housing needs until the acquisition of a privately owned home.