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As part of informing citizens about the June 9, 2024 Elections, the Office of the General Registrar of Elections informs voters of the following sources, from which they can learn about the polling center(s) at which they will to vote, the electoral contests in which they have the right to vote, as well as for the number of these preference crosses:

1. Internet:

In the links wtv.elections.moi.gov.cy and elections.gov.cy, voters can be informed by entering their ID card number and date of birth.

2. SMS (only for the "Where I Vote") service:

Voters can send a text message (SMS) to the number 1199, entering:

wtv blank id number blank date of birth

e.g. wtv 1010111 01/06/1990

3. Telephone information service:

Pancypriot number: 77 77 22 12

Nicosia : 22804348, 22804295, 22804349, 22804283

Limassol: 25806454, 25806455, 25806452, 25806444

Famagusta: 23200935, 23200937, 23200938, 23200922

Larnaca: 24801870, 24801872, 24801858, 24801868

Paphos: 26801143, 26801144, 26801148

Ministry of the Interior: 22867640

Please note that for the SMS sending service as well as for the pan-Cypriot telephone number, the following charges apply:

Send a text message to 1199: €0,04/message
Call to the all-Cypriot number: €0,12/minute