The electoral books of the new voters are ready – All the information

Where can you pick them up?


The Chief Electoral Officer announces that the electoral registers of the new voters, who were entered in the supplementary electoral rolls of April 2, 2024, have been prepared and forwarded to the Mayors of the Communities and Parishes, for collection by the electors or their relatives.

Electoral booklets will be received by the Aldermen until Thursday, June 6, 2024, and then they will be returned to the Offices of the relevant Districts, from where the interested voters will be able to collect them even on the day of the elections.

It is reminded that, in order for someone to be able to vote in the upcoming elections, they must be registered in the respective electoral roll and, for a Cypriot voter, present either their electoral book or their identity card at the polling station. The electors of other member states of the European Union vote for the Elections for the Nomination of Local Authorities by presenting either an electoral book or the document on the basis of which they have registered in the relevant special electoral list and for the Elections of Members of the European Parliament, by presenting the document on the basis of which they have registered in the corresponding special electoral roll.