European elections 2024: Special Turkish Cypriot polling stations in Ammochosto

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EKLOGES 5 ELECTION CENTERS, European elections 2024

A total of 32 special election centers will operate in the provinces of Nicosia, Larnaca and Famagusta for the exercise of the right to vote for Turkish Cypriots included in the special electoral list of the European Elections, the General Commissioner of Elections says in a statement.

In the district of Nicosia, 2 polling centers will operate at the Kato Pyrgos High School, at the Flasos Community Council Offices 2, at the Astromeritis Community Council Offices 4, at the Versatile Center of Agios Dometios 5, at the Head Offices of the Department of Urban Planning and Housing 5 and at the Old Market of Nicosia 5.

In the province of Larnaca, 2 polling centers will operate at the Regional High School of Xilotympo.

In the province of Famagusta, 2 will operate at Acheritos Primary School, 5 at Deryneia Public and Community Kindergarten.