Phaidonas: Withdraws interest in the position of Deputy President of DISY

The Mayor of Paphos, Phaidonas Phaidonos, withdraws his interest in claiming the position of Deputy President in DISY

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The Mayor of Paphos, Phaidonas Phaidonos, withdraws his interest in claiming the position of Deputy President in DISY.

In a statement he states that "15 days ago I expressed my intention to run for the position of Deputy President of the Democratic Alarm at the electoral conference next May. Through my contacts with ordinary members as well as officials of the party, I found out the great anxiety that exists for the Democratic Alarm to remain united and to return as a party to a course of reconstruction and reorganization so that it can play a leading role in the coming years. What has happened in recent years mainly behind closed doors but sometimes in public has created a very difficult political environment in the Democratic Alarm. With these data, politicians of the new generation have a role to play and must be present in political and electoral processes.

My own interest was manifested precisely by feeling all that is happening in the Democratic Alarm. However, I have realized that although the difficult facts are in front of us, at the same time it will be very difficult to make correct assessments and make correct choices. The attempt by some to bring into the political processes the division between those who were on the side of the winners in the presidential elections and "leftists", I believe irreparably damages the cohesion of the party. As well as the great debate that is deliberately promoted by some about role of the party vis-à-vis the new government, at this time overshadowing the essential discussion about the real needs of the Democratic Alarm.

Since as a politician I am not used to hiding truths and would be obliged to answer all of these by putting forward what I consider to be politically correct, regardless of personal cost, I have decided to withdraw my interest in running for any party office in the current political situation. I believe that the political climate within the Democratic Alarm as it stands today does not allow all truths to be heard and the option of appeasement and small scale management is what will prevail. At the same time, submitting nominations with intentions is the worst and I appreciate that we did not avoid it. I wish the new leadership of the Democratic Alarm, immediately after the elections, to enter the process for major and substantial changes with the sole aim of serving the Public Interest and with a complete exclusion of selfish political interests and expediencies.

Personally, as always, I will remain on the side of politicians who do not hesitate, regardless of the political cost, to serve the interest of the country and the common good through pure political speech, but I will also continue wherever I find myself to transform words into actions and ideas into works" .