For the second consecutive Sunday, our prisoners are coming to the free areas to vote

a Trapped, Occupied, New Famagusta, Presidential Elections 2018

For the second consecutive Sunday, our prisoners are coming from the morning to the free areas to exercise their right to vote for the election of the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

Most of them are over seventy years old. But they want to have a say in the present and the future of their homeland. Where they live, they feel the occupation and its consequences every day. They wait patiently for the sun of justice to rise. Their vision is a free, reunited Cyprus, with all its people united - all living in peace and love. Until that day, what they want is where they live, to have a quiet life without problems.

Trapped people are transported by rented buses to polling stations to vote. The number of trapped voters is 283. The trapped voters of the Kyrenia constituency, vote at the Unified Lyceum of Kykkos II, Center ZD, in Nicosia, and the trapped voters of the Famagusta constituency, in the Central District of the Primary School Γ΄.

The Humanitarian Affairs Service, for the second consecutive Sunday, operates from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 pm, so as to provide facilities for those trapped who come to the free zones to exercise their right to vote.

We met at Kykkos B 'Lyceum this morning. The bus arrived around 10:40 with about thirty people from Kormakitis. The elderly caged helpers, who were waiting for them at the school, got off and moved slowly to their polling station.

Leaving the polling station after exercising their right to vote, the trapped people wished the President of the Republic of Cyprus who will be elected for the good and the reunification of the place.

A problem that concerns them and they did not fail to tell us, is the cessation of sending food to them due to the attitude of the pseudo-state and the unsatisfactory amount of money given to them, as they say, to cover their food needs.

"We wish the new President good luck and progress in our country," said Petros Petris, 56, from Kormakitis. "They cut our food and give us an allowance of 80 euros, which is not satisfactory, it is not enough. "Where to give them and what to get?", He added.

Ninos Ioannis Petris, 63, from Kormakitis, said: "We wish good luck and progress to whoever the President is and for something to be done for the Cyprus issue." Asked if they needed anything as cages, he said "we say we are fine. What can we say; We need many things. "They cut our food because the Turkish" authorities "do not let it."

Antonia Kounnou, 42 years old, also from Kormakitis wished the President who will be elected “God help him to find a solution, to reunite Cyprus. We are having a good time as trapped ", he noted," we want to have no riots, to have peace ".

The 91-year-old Ioannis Petris, from Kormakitis, wished happy birthday to the President who will be elected and solve the Cyprus problem.

The wish of Joseph Skordis, 89 years old from Kormakitis, was similar. "I wish him good progress, good health, and God be with him to help him. Let Cyprus be united, let us all be one, let Cyprus be united and let us be free ".

Those trapped, presenting their political identity card or passport or any other official document of the Republic bearing their photo can vote. Those who hold a ballot paper must, by their own arrangements, go to the polling stations where they are registered.

According to the Humanitarian Affairs Service, several detainees are making arrangements with the Election Service and voting at a polling station in the area where their relatives live.

Source: KYPE