US on Nasrallah's threats to Cyprus: "Stop threatening anyone"

Hezbollah's threats are extremely counterproductive, the spokesman said

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Hezbollah's threats are extremely counterproductive, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said during a State Department press briefing in Washington on Thursday, referring to threats issued by Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah to the Cyprus.

"Obviously these comments are extremely counterproductive and Hezbollah should stop making threats against anyone and our preference would be for Hezbollah to pursue a diplomatic solution, it's the most productive," he said.

Matthew Miller added that "certainly threats to other countries that are not at all involved in this (Israel-Hezbollah) conflict is not a productive step for them."

According to the US State Department spokesman, Nasrallah's speech was not discussed at the recent meeting between the US and Cyprus Foreign Ministers because it had not yet taken place.

Source: KYPE