Katsouridis: Dilemma if DISY-AKEL do not advance to the 2nd round (VIDEO)

Political analyst Giannos Katsouridis spoke about the processes of parties and candidates

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The political analyst Yannos Katsouridis spoke on the Front Page about the processes of parties and candidates on the Sigma Front Page Show.

He first spoke about yesterday's presentation of the "100 politicians" of the Democratic Alert, stressing that Averof Neophytou is the first to submit something more specific and comprehensive at this time. “It is normal as he is a party leader and one of his missions is to produce policies. It is in a more advantageous position than independent candidacies."

He clarified that the announcements were combined with the anniversary of the founding of DISY. "This is in line with the party's basic strategic direction, specifically the battle of mobilization."

Speaking about the independent candidacies that are not supported by parties, he said that they mainly aim to inoculate the public debate. "It would be delusional if anyone thinks that the battle is not between the three main protagonists." He added that the bet for the rest is whether their proposals will be adopted by the main candidates. "We will have an intense campaign," he said.

As for Nikos Christodoulidis, he said that polls show him favored. "It is a nomination that taps into the dissatisfaction of a large part of the world with the practices of the parties." He noted that such nominations in other countries are a “vehicle of protest. "We have seen it with Mr. Macron and with Mr. Tsipras."

He added that the measurements show that the Democratic Alarm is in a difficult position and the favored one is the one who is not the party's official candidate.

Mr. Katsouridis also commented on the opinion of some people that in the end Averof Neofytou wins, noting that "it applies in the microcosm of the Parliament and not in the world of citizens. We have a long way to go yet we don't know what else will appear."

As for Mr. Mavroyiannis, he said that he started gently and steadily. "We expect to see a more comprehensive program and it seems to be gaining in quality and seriousness." He pointed out that all that remains is to convince and rally the audience of the party that supports him.

Finally, he said that if Nikos Christodoulidis does not make it to the second round it will be fine, but for the major parties it will be a dilemma. "Voters don't vote so much in terms of history, while in Presidential elections they are more easily disconnected from parties."