Koumis: I did not know that the 19-year-old was in the PtD Staff – She is no longer interested

The Deputy Minister of Tourism came forward and responded to the uproar caused by the hiring of a 19-year-old consultant

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The Deputy Minister of Tourism came forward and answered the uproar caused by the hiring of a 19-year-old consultant. Costas Koumis spoke to RIK and emphasized that there was no illegality in the recruitment in question. He even said that he did not bother to see the 19-year-old's profile on Social Media and her photos with President Christodoulidis. At the same time, he emphasized that he did not know that the young woman was a member of Christodoulidis' staff.

“He contacted my Office Manager this morning and told him that he does not wish to work in my office. I took her myself to see if she was okay. There were many attacks on her and on me and my family. They should let us work...I don't know if I will proceed with recruitment, because whoever is hired will be targeted", said the Deputy Minister, among other things.

"I have in mind a person with thousands of followers who is not of Cypriot origin and presents Cyprus like no one else. If I hire him again there will be a problem," he said afterwards.

"There was no illegality. We proceeded to employ a young person. A contract was signed. There was no communication between me and the President. Absolutely none. If it was on the staff of Mr. Christidoulidis, where is the problem?", he asked.

"Wasn't it a practice in Cyprus for a long time to give opportunities to people who staffed the staff? Who did Nikos Anastasiadis employ? Were they not people who supported him during the election? Did Dimitris Christofias not give opportunities?", he continued.

"Where is the future?"

"We cannot discredit any person who participated in a pre-election process

I hadn't even looked up the NQDs to see her profile, nor had I seen any photos on her account. I didn't know he was on staff. He has been recruited to join the team that will be responsible for MDs and will receive specific qualifications in the office, mail management with a specific program.'

"The Deputy Ministry needs to turn the page. We don't have a profile on Social Media."

Among other things, he said that "it is not a necessary condition to have a degree. I respect the Audit Office's instructions. If the system needs to be fixed, let's fix it.

In the standard contract, neither criteria nor terms of employment are specified. We followed the standard contract. I don't think the problem of the Deputy Ministry or the state is the hiring of a 19-year-old girl. There is an antiquated framework for employment and other issues..,” he said.