Party leaders sent messages of unity and hard work for the good of Cyprus and Europe

The leaders of the political parties sent messages of unity and hard work for the good of Cyprus and Europe

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The leaders of the political parties sent messages of unity and hard work for the good of Cyprus and Europe in their statements after the announcement of the Members of the European Parliament on Monday at the Filoxenia Conference Center.

The President of the Democratic Alarm Annita Dimitriou said in her statements that a difficult pre-election campaign has come to an end and "now there is hard work ahead of us for all that we are called to manage".

"For us at the Democratic Alarm, as the most European, responsible force, it is an even greater responsibility to respond to all that we are called to manage", continued Ms. Dimitriou, adding that DISY is sending "two accomplished colleagues, Louka Fourlas and Michalis Hatzipantela", and expressed the certainty that they will give their best.

He also wished good success to all the MEPs of Cyprus, stressing that first and foremost is "our Cyprus, the good of our country, and of course Europe".

The General Secretary of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou, initially congratulated the Election Service and all those who worked on the dual electoral process, an unprecedented process for Cyprus, as he said, in his own statements, adding that the task of conducting the elections smoothly has been achieved.

AKEL has elected an MEP in these elections, Giorgos Georgiou, who has a valuable experience of the functioning and action of the European Parliament, Mr. Stefanou continued, adding that this experience will be used to enable AKEL to continue "to is a force of assertion first of all for Cyprus and its people through the European Parliament, but more generally and through its action in the EU"

At the same time, he noted that AKEL - Left - Social Alliance will continue with its presence in the European Parliament to claim the best for European societies, European states and European peoples, "because we really need to do a lot in the days we are going through in order to be able may better days dawn, both for Europe and for our Cyprus".

Wishing "good work" to Mr. Georgiou, the General Secretary of AKEL added that the party will seek cooperation with the rest of the MEPs of Cyprus, because "above all for us, Cyprus and our people, and for our country and our people we will continue to give every effort and strength to be able to have the best for our country and its people".

The independent MEP Phidias Panagiotou in turn expressed joy and satisfaction for his election, adding that a lot has been said so far and from now on he will start speaking with actions.

The president of ELAM, Christos Christou, for his part, thanked the more than 40 people "who gave us the strength to send a new MEP", stressing that after the party joined the party of European Reformers and Conservatives, ELAM will act "everything possible to defend the interests of the Republic of Cyprus", and wished Geadis Geadis good success in his new duties.

For his part, the president of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, in his own statements, thanked the citizens who participated in the elections "despite their difficulties and complexity", adding that once again the Cypriot people showed their maturity, as well as their democratic culture he owns.

He also congratulated the Ministry of the Interior and the Elections Service for the smooth conduct of the electoral process, as well as all the MEPs for their election, noting that "from this moment on they are above all representatives of Cyprus in the European Parliament and their primary duty is to claim for our people and to represent the interests of our country".

Afterwards, he congratulated the re-elected MEP Kostas Mavridis on his election, adding that through his presence DIKO will continue to participate in the second largest political group of the European Parliament, the Cooperation of Socialists and Democrats, with the aim of claiming for Cyprus and the defense of the interests of the Cypriot people and the country.

"The next period will be difficult for Europe, with many challenges related to inflation, accuracy, energy costs and many others, and of course in the case of Cyprus in particular the great efforts to restart negotiations and resolution of the Cyprus issue. In all these efforts for the EU to move forward, we as DIKO will give our own contribution, participation and effort", concluded Mr. Papadopoulos.

Source: KYPE