N. Christodoulidis: With these proposals he begins his pre-election program

In the following days, positions will be posted by thematic section at regular intervals

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The independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, begins today the presentation of his pre-election program, which will be published by topic on the candidate's website www.christodoulides2023.com.

Such is the announcement

The independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides begins today, September 7, the presentation of his pre-election program, which will be published by thematic section on the candidate's website www.christodoulides2023.com

The program is a living document and a dynamic process, which will be enriched in the context of two-way communication with society and the ever-changing socio-economic environment.

It begins with the presentation of the proposals concerning Education, Culture and Sports under the title: "Human-centered Education and Promotion of Culture and Sports for the citizens of tomorrow", which has already been posted on the candidate's website.

The section includes proposals for the Broader Education Policy, School Education at all levels including Special Education, Culture and Sports.

More specifically, the proposals include, among others:

• Investment in experiential learning and participatory teaching with the aim of developing skills and cultivating a critical and creative spirit, freeing students from the process of memorization, promoting the unloading and restructuring of Analytical Programs,
• Modernization of the existing teacher evaluation system and the educational work,
• Strengthening the essential connection of the educational system with the labor market through the involvement of all the productive forces of the country, with the aim of developing the necessary skills of tomorrow,
• International promotion of university education in Cyprus as a quality and attractive academic destination to attract foreign students,
• Upgrading and strengthening digital and laboratory education, promoting the provision of digital skills certification,
• Upgrading and strengthening the institution of vocational guidance from the XNUMXth grade, with the aim of the correct and targeted choice of direction by the students based on their abilities, but also based on the needs of the economy and the labor market,
• Pilot implementation of the institution of the Technical High School on the standards of the Sports and Music High School,
• Upgrading and strengthening the Post-High School Institutes of Vocational Education and Training (MIEK) filling the gap left by the closure of ATI,
• Greater autonomy in school units,
• Inclusion of the cultural sector as an economic activity in the overall strategic planning and creation of a long-term strategy for culture,
• Completion and effective implementation of the institutional framework that regulates the status and professional status of artists. Implementation of the creation of a Register of Artists,
• Creation of a Deputy Ministry of Sports which will be responsible for defining, coordinating and implementing a national strategy for sports,
• Promotion of a study for the construction and operation of the first Paralympic Center in Cyprus with indoor and outdoor areas for sports, recreation and socialization.

In the following days, positions will be posted by thematic section at regular intervals.

At the same time, and beyond the publication of the candidate's positions, Nikos Christodoulidis, within the framework of participatory democracy, will also organize special meetings per thematic section.

More specifically:

September 13, conference on Education in Nicosia
September 22, conference on Health in Paphos
September 27, conference on Digital Transformation in Limassol
October 4, conference on the Economy in Nicosia
October 13, a day for Immigration in Paphos
October 20, conference on the Cypriot issue in Nicosia
October 25th, conference on the Pension in Larnaca
October 29 conference on the Equality of Women and Men in Nicosia
November 1st, a day for Tourism in the province of Famagusta
November 8, conference on Agricultural Policy in the province of Famagusta
November 10, a conference on the countryside in the province of Limassol
November 16, conference on Energy in Larnaca
November 22, conference on the Environment in Paphos
November 29 shipping conference in Limassol
December 1st, a day for the Reorganization of the State in Limassol.