The five priorities of the new Minister of Labor

G. Panagiotou referred to the vision and priorities of the Ministry of Labor to the Labor Committee

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The Minister of Labor Yiannis Panagiotou referred to the vision and the five priorities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance in his first appearance at a session of the Parliamentary Labor Committee, which lasted three hours.

Mr. Panagiotou said that the vision of the Ministry is focused on two pillars which are the cohesion of the society and the development of the economy.

"They are two sides of the same coin as in order for the economy to grow, our society must be cohesive." That is, as he explained, "that people can be good citizens, willing and hardworking when they realize that their state loves them and supports them so that they can produce and the economy develops".

Referring to his priorities, the Minister of Labor said that these are ensuring labor peace, regulating the working environment, ensuring fair and satisfactory remuneration, safety, health and dignity at work and most importantly in the sense that it is the most developmental, which is the development of the country's human resources.

Addressing the MPs, Mr. Panagiotou emphasized that he is "absolutely aware of the responsibility that he assumes as Minister of Labor and Social Insurance" and he is also "absolutely aware of the importance of the cooperation between us both on a personal level, but above all on an institutional level" .

"Our mission is to deliver the power that we currently manage, better than we assumed it," he said and added that therefore, "it is important to be in communication, in consultation and to cooperate because the separation of powers in our country it is such that it imposes it and our system is such that it presupposes cooperation and understanding between us at all levels".

"For the good of the citizens and the country, we will exceed any other parameters," said Mr. Panagiotou, who expressed his readiness to regularly participate in the Commission's sessions.

He added that "when we have disagreements, it's not the end of the world and it's not a bad thing as we can make different analyzes but we credit each other in good faith and in a good mood."

In addition, he expressed his desire for all matters falling within the Commission's remit to "spend time upfront" and "invest time together" to "understand why we disagree when we disagree."

The Chairman of the Labor Committee Andreas Kavkalias assured the Minister that the Committee will cooperate with him "to the extent that it can contribute constructively to providing solutions to the problems faced by society, the place and the workers".