PtD: Nasrallah's call "unacceptable" - Immigration checks increased

The Government has done a lot in immigration and will continue

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The Government has done a lot in terms of immigration and will continue to do so, declares the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis, characterizing as unacceptable Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah's call to the Lebanese authorities to "open the sea" to anyone who wants to leave "for Europe, for the Cyprus".

In today's statements, attending the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Major Developments, in Nicosia, and being asked to comment on the position that after Nasrallah's reports, surveillance also increased in the buffer zone, the President of the Republic said that it was from before, before the statements of Mr. Nasrallah, that within the framework of the holistic approach to deal with immigration, the Government has done a lot and will continue to do so.

“Yes, I have said it before, we will face this great challenge. Controls have also increased," he said.

Asked how concerned he was by the Hezbollah leader's call, the President of the Republic said that "the report is unacceptable, there is no other description that I can give to this matter. We are in contact with the Government of Lebanon both before and after the statements, and as an independent sovereign state we will do whatever it takes to face this huge challenge," he added.

In his statements after the session of the Council of Ministers, and asked by a journalist about immigration and the increase of measures along the line of confrontation, the Minister of Justice, Marios Hartsiotis, noted that immigration, "as we have already said repeatedly is one of the three issues that seriously concern the Government every day, together with that of terrorism and organized crime". Within the framework of the updating of relevant information received daily, the specific measures are adjusted accordingly, he added, "as it has been said repeatedly".

"Within these frameworks, an evaluation of relevant information was made and, yes, the measures along the Green Line have been strengthened", said the Minister.

Asked about flows from Lebanon, Mr. Hartsiotis said he does not yet know and cannot go into detail about specific flows, "which so far all I can say is that there has not been much movement."

Nevertheless, he added, this does not mean that daily preventive measures will not be taken, "preventive, to have such flows as observed in the past".

Source: KYPE