PtD: We are taking the necessary steps in matters of transparency, the bet will be won

PtD: We are taking the necessary steps in matters of transparency, the bet will be won

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We know very well that there is still more to be done in the direction of transparency and the restoration of citizens' trust in the institutions, and for this purpose we are taking the necessary steps, while where necessary, we will seek coordination and cooperation with the legislative power, but also with other independent bodies, President Christodoulidis said on Friday in a taped greeting at the 4th Cyprus Forum, whose work began this morning in Nicosia with the theme of transparency.

The President said that the absence of transparency is sometimes linked to the existence of corruption, an issue that greatly concerns Cypriot society, adding that the general perception that exists in society is that everyone who is involved in public life in one way or another contribute or not prevent corruption in our country.

"No matter how many laws and regulations we adopt and no matter how many decisions we make, if we do not overturn this perception of society, we will certainly not have achieved our goal," said the President.

President Christodoulidis said that following the indicators from the Eurobarometer from time to time, if we look over time over the last 15-20 years, "justice in Cyprus was the one that was never, ever questioned, the institution of justice was very high as a reaction of society to institutions of the Republic of Cyprus in general. And unfortunately, in recent years, even the very institution of justice in our country has been questioned."

The President noted in his message that the greatest danger and the greatest challenge we have to face is that transparency leads to the removal of the trust of citizens and the whole of society towards institutions and the state, strengthening suspicion and questioning and alienating citizens from the electoral procedures and by extension the political life of the place.

The President referred to the undertaking of specific initiatives towards transparency and the fight against corruption that are included in the governance program, stressing that this is a big bet, "which I hope we will win and we will be judged at the end of our Administration".

The PtD referred, among other things, to the establishment and operation for the first time of a model internal control unit in the Presidency, a development for which positive mention is made in the recent Evaluation Report of the GRECO Commission for Cyprus, which includes useful recommendations for the prevention of corruption and promoting integrity.

"I strongly believe that the implementation of the recommendations promotes and links the name of Cyprus with the best practices followed internationally," he said.

President Christodoulidis also referred to the now open procedures on the basis of merit-based criteria for the appointment of Boards of Directors of Legal Entities under Public Law (the well-known Semi-Governmental Organizations) through the operation of the newly established Advisory Council and to the institution of the annual presentation of the Action Plans and the report of the Ministries /Deputy Ministries, thus ensuring that words and decisions will be put into action.

"The establishment and operation of the Coordination and Support Secretariat of the government project, through its purely supportive role, can significantly contribute to this. Its main mission is to facilitate synergies and contribute to the promotion of the necessary reforms and actions provided for in the Governance Program, always in full cooperation with the relevant Ministries/Deputy Ministries that are also responsible for implementation," he said.

The President also said that soon, for the first time, the adoption of a comprehensive Code of Conduct for members of the government is expected, which constitutes the road map on the basis of which each member of the Government must act and conduct himself throughout his term of office. , while at the same time providing for a system of adequate monitoring and effective implementation in case of non-compliance.

"The issuance and implementation of the Code of Ethics will constitute not only the implementation of a specific action of the Governance Program but also a direct satisfaction of the special recommendation of the Greco Committee as it arose in the context of the fifth evaluation round," he said.

The President assured that the political will of the Government is a given and is in full alignment with what the citizens rightly expect from us.

The President also praised the work and role of the Cyprus Forum, saying that it has succeeded in a very short period of time to establish itself, rightly, as an important institution and an initiative that adds fruitfully and substantially to the public debate in our country.

He also said that he succeeded in bringing together in the same space, at the same table, notable personalities with different starting points, experiences and paths, thereby contributing to pluralism and the exchange of views on a multitude of issues and especially the need to promote those reforms for the benefit of of the whole, as well as the drawing up of modern policies for their utilization by the decision-making centers.

Source: KYPE