In this community there was a Tie – Voters at the polls again

Voters are expected to come to the polls again

ekloges 10.10.original1 Election 2024, Tie

Voters are expected to go to the polls again in the Pera Pedi community, after a tie was recorded between two of the three contenders for the Presidency of the Community Council

In particular, Ilias Herodotou and Andreas Koureas secured a percentage of 33,8% and 45 votes, while their opponent, Petros Koureas, received two fewer votes and a percentage of 32,3%.

As mentioned in the KYPE, the Commissioner of the Electoral District of Limassol, Deputy Prefect, Electra Panagiotou, is expected to hold a repeat procedure for the two candidates who voted in a tie, while instructions are expected from the Ministry of the Interior on the time of the voting.