President Christodoulidis under the microscope of the Audit Service (VIDEO)

Based on an anonymous complaint that it has before it, the Audit Service will make every effort until the last cent received by Nikos Christodoulidis from the state

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The Audit Service is conducting a comprehensive investigation into the payroll and benefits of President Christodoulides for the five-year period 2013-2018.

Based on an anonymous complaint that has been in front of her since yesterday, she will make every penny until the last cent that Nikos Christodoulidis received from the state, being a civil servant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but seconded to the Presidential Office as Office Director of the Diplomatic Office of Nikos Anastasiadis.

According to the press representative of the Audit Service, Marios Petridis "for having received, either benefits, or anything that has been carried out as an expense by the Republic to Mr. Christodoulidis, the time for which he refers to the specific complaint, and that is the five years 2013 - 2018".

According to the complaint that is before the Audit Service - and which was revealed by the newspaper Politis - Nikos Christodoulidis did not receive the salary of the permanent adviser - Consul General A' of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, scale A5, during his 12 years of secondment at the Presidential Office, but enjoyed a bigger package of benefits and salaries, always with the blessings of Nikos Anastasiadis.

As Marios Petridis mentioned "we already requested information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because as is known, Mr. Christodoulidis was an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Presidency, not because he is now President, because he was seconded to the Presidency by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so we are still in the control authority, we have requested the evidence, we expect it to come, we will consider it, like all complaints, with due diligence."

To the question, why the Audit Service did not carry out audits of Nikos Christodoulides' earnings during the disputed period, as Odysseas Michaelidis had already taken over as head, Mr. Petridis replied that his agency conducts sample audits and did not have any complaints before it at the time.

To add that, if it is found that Nikos Christodoulidis illegally received more money than he was supposed to, he will have to return it to the public funds, but also that the investigation is expected to last one to two weeks. The complaint was made after the revelation of Doxa Komodromou's overtime case that led to her resignation. The issue has caused a political uproar, with the Government Spokesman saying it was a mistake, and both major opposition parties demanding political accountability using very harsh language.

"The resignation of Doxa Komodromou, without convincing answers from the government, does not limit the responsibilities that exist at higher levels. There needs to be a full investigation into the political decision on the overtime issue and a public apology for the damage caused. Citizens want convincing answers", DISY said.

AKEL's press representative, Yoegos Koukoumas, said that "they are degrading the institutions. They challenge society. They distribute public money to the elite and the poor, while society is suffocating. And on top of that, they hide from their responsibilities and the people themselves. The only thing that is certain is that with these practices, Mr. Christodoulidis will surpass his teacher, Nikos Anastasiadis."

The coalition parties, DIKO, EDEK and DIPA, preferred today to keep a fishy silence.

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Source: Sigmalive