Tatar: "We are not giving up our state, sovereignty and freedom"

The Turkish leader said that the Republic of Cyprus was founded on the basis of the sovereignty of "two separate peoples"

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"We are not renouncing our state, sovereignty and freedom," said Ersin Tatar at an event on the events of the 1964 inter-communal riots in the village of Sinda, arguing that the murders of 11 Turkish Cypriots in that village were "an indication that we cannot cut ourselves off from the guarantees of the Turkish Republic".

According to the GTP, the website of the illegal "Bayrak" reports that Mr. Tatar added that "in order for the Turkish Cypriots to live free and safe in a sovereign state, there must be a common political path with the motherland Turkey."

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, the Turkish leader stated that the Republic of Cyprus was founded on the basis of the sovereignty of "two separate peoples".

Also according to the GTP, referring to the pre-1974 period, Mr. Tatar said that the Greek Cypriot side oppressed the Turkish Cypriots and imposed persecution and embargo against them with the support of Greece. All this, as he claimed, came to an end in 1974 with the "peace operation" in Cyprus, as he characterized the Turkish invasion.

He also accused the Greek Cypriot side of never abandoning the idea of ​​the Union with Greece.

He also mentioned that the military bases established in Greece within the framework of the Mutual Defense Cooperation agreement with the USA, target Turkey and the occupied territories.

Making a historical review that starts from the Ottoman period and continues with the transition to the British rule, reaching the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish invasion of 1974, Mr. Tatar said that "our woe has always been when the Turkish army will return. The first Turkish soldiers came in 1960 with the establishment of the Turkish Republic. We celebrate the 48th anniversary of the arrival of Turkish soldiers on the island, the drawing of our borders and the establishment of the TRNC with the peace operation", as the pseudo-state described.

Referring to the events of the 1950s, he argued that "the Republic of Cyprus was founded on the basis of the sovereignty of two separate peoples" and that Turkey is a founding partner and Turkey, Greece and England are guarantor countries.

Regarding the federation solution, he stated that "the perception of the Greek Cypriots is different from ours. Their concept is that of one sovereignty. With one dominion the powerful can command the less powerful. With the passage of time they will realize their dream of making Cyprus a Greek island".

The newspaper reports that the second part of the Tatar interview entitled "Our goal is two independent states" will be published tomorrow.