Tatar: He sees pressure and injustice from the EU's stance on the Cyprus issue

"There is bullying, pressure, unfairness and lawlessness in the EU's attitude"

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"There is thuggery, pressure, injustice and lawlessness in the EU's stance," Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar said, commenting on the references to Turkey and the occupied territories in the Conclusions of the European Union (EU) Leaders' Summit.

Speaking to the Anadolu news agency, Mr Tatar said that Turkey has been in Cyprus since 1571 and that no one has the right to tell Turkey to "leave Cyprus".

He argued that Western countries, especially the United Nations (UN), have proposed a 2-state solution in areas such as Kosovo, Taiwan and even Palestine and claimed that it is pointless for anyone to try to forcefully unite in Cyprus two nations that have different races, language, religion, culture and history.

Mr Tatar also argued that the UN and EU by applying the so-called embargo on the Turkish Cypriots are imposing a system based on federation, in which in case of unification the Turks will disappear.

"Some games are being played in order to force us to accept a solution that they will impose on us. We will not fall for these games. We continue to shout to the whole world that Turkey can offer its people a prosperous, independent and free honest life in the future with the support of Turkey," he said.

Mr. Tatar said that at the Summit of EU leaders in Brussels, Turkey-EU relations were discussed and that in the final statement, Turkey was asked to make concessions on the Cyprus issue.

At the same time, Tatar said that in the final statement the Turkish side was ordered to start negotiations with the Greek Cypriots within the parameters of the United Nations (UN).

"There is bullying, pressure, unfairness and iniquity in the EU's attitude. I personally cannot digest this. The aim of Greece and its allies is to turn Cyprus into Crete, exclude Turkey from the Eastern Mediterranean and try to encircle Anatolia as well as turn the Turkish Cypriot community into a minority within its own homeland. he argued.

Mr. Tatar also claimed that from the 1960s to 1974 the Turkish Cypriots suffered greatly in Cyprus and were subjected to genocide by the Greek Cypriots. He also claimed that the 50th anniversary of the "peace operation of July 20, 1974, which brought peace to Cyprus", as it was referred to in the Turkish Invasion, evokes a very special feeling for them.

He argued that the presence of the Turkish soldiers on the island did not bring peace only to the Turks but also to the Greek Cypriots, saying that "it is absurd to talk about the withdrawal of the Turkish soldiers from the island at the time when we are starting the programs to celebrate the 50th anniversary. No one should expect such speeches from us. We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the business with great enthusiasm."

Referring to the calls for the resumption of negotiations, which have been frequently expressed in recent days by the Greek Cypriot side, Mr. Tatar said that the Greek Cypriots set as a condition for the negotiation process exclusively their own sovereign and equal international status and that they insist on an approach based on the federation solution.

He argued that in case of an approach based on the federation, the Turkish Cypriots' ties with Turkey will be severed and they will face great difficulties within the EU and added that "such a situation will be the beginning of our end. If northern Cyprus does not walk the path of independence and freedom as a separate sovereign state, it will become fodder for the EU and very bad days await us. In order to avoid such a game, we are working hard with the support of Turkey."

Commenting on student protests in the US over the war in Gaza, he said, among other things, that "university students in the US deserve praise."

Source: KYPE