Deputy Minister of Immigration: Legal immigration should be a tool for development

He added that efforts are being made in cooperation with the European Union on the issues concerning Syria

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Immigration procedures need to be restructured, since legal immigration could be a tool for economic development for the country, said the Deputy Minister of Immigration, Nikolas Ioannidis, in his meeting with the President of DIPA, Mario Karoyan, on Wednesday morning, at the offices of the faction.

According to a statement by the DIPA, the Deputy Minister informed the President of the DIPA about the Programmatic aspirations of the Deputy Ministry and the strategy for effectively dealing with the Immigration. He specifically stated that the country should give importance to the Asylum services and effectively deal with ghettoization, the escalation of violence and illegality.

He added that efforts are being made in cooperation with the European Union for the issues concerning Syria especially and the declassification of areas, which will allow the return of many Syrians who are currently in Cyprus.

He expressed his intention to promote the institution of relocation to other countries in Europe, speed up the examination of asylum applications and procedures, improve facilities, strengthen existing legislation, as well as promote criminal measures for wrongdoers, the statement said.

At the same time, Mr. Ioannidis said that immigration procedures should be restructured, since legal immigration could be a tool for economic development for the country.

Analyzing the efforts to create the structures of the Deputy Ministry, he said that at the same time emphasis should be placed on communication with citizens and the provision of correct information, especially regarding the huge misinformation that exists on various issues, such as the provision of benefits, clarifying that benefits have been greatly reduced, there is constant monitoring and much stricter criteria.

For his part, the President of DIPA stated that the Deputy Ministry is a crucial and important institution, which is faced with unpredictable and unstable factors, such as the geopolitical developments of the wider region, the conflicts in the Middle East and the strategies and pursuits of of Turkey, which systematically instrumentalizes immigration.

According to the announcement, Mr. Karoyan said that the Deputy Ministry should link its functions with other Ministries of the country. "The coordination of strategies with the Ministries of Justice, Economy, Labor and Interior, will be particularly useful in the broader strategy on Immigration and Asylum, since the state's decisions on the matter have a similar impact on the corresponding pillars of governance," the announcement states.

The President of DIPA emphasized that we must find solutions that are in line with our international obligations and reflect the human-centered approach of the state, but without exceeding our capabilities as a country both in relation to the economic aspect of the matter and in matters absorption and assimilation of asylum seekers, while preserving the social cohesion of the country.

He specifically referred to the example of Germany a decade ago, which utilized legal immigration for economic development purposes and emphasized that through a study of the country's needs, using empirical data, with correct and fast procedures, Cyprus can utilize immigration to strengthen economy of the country.

As mentioned in the announcement, the President of DIPA assured the Deputy Minister that at the level of parliamentary work, the Faction's parliamentary group as a whole will support the improvement of legislative tools and recommended the prioritization of legislative improvements, the avoidance of obstruction and the effective dealing with bureaucracy, as tools for better performance of the Deputy Ministry. Mr. Karoyan assured the new Deputy Minister that DIPA wants to succeed in his work so that, as he said, the place succeeds.