Min. Justice: We await the KOP decisions and then they will be processed accordingly

KOP, Minister of Justice

Crime and the latest increase in crime is a given throughout Cyprus, not only in Paphos, and it concerns us exclusively, said Minister of Justice and Public Order Marios Hartsiotis while visiting Paphos.

In his statements to the journalists on the sidelines of his visit to the Paphos Police Directorate, Mr. Hartsiotis was asked about the increase in crime and violence in general, issues, as he said, that concern them exclusively in recent days, while noting that the The police are doing their duty, he said, which does not mean that there cannot be corrective actions.

Beating violence in the stadiums
In relation to the suppression of violence in stadiums, the President of the Republic has made various statements in recent days, the content of which speaks for itself, noted Mr. Hartsiotis. As a State, he continued, "we will wait for the decisions of the KOP and then they will be subject to similar processing and similar decisions".

Police Understaffing

Regarding the issue of understaffing, the Minister of Justice noted that it does not only concern the Paphos Police Directorate, but is a problem faced by the entire police force to a significant extent. He added that they are in a position, within 2024, to have a better staffing of the police departments, including Paphos.

In particular, he emphasized that within 2024 it is expected that there will be staffing with a number of approximately 500 police officers, whether, as he said, they are specialists or contract holders or graduates of the Police Academy.

Meeting with the Mayor of Paphos

Asked about this, the Minister of Justice said that yesterday he met in his office with the Mayor of Pafos Phaidonas Phaidonos in the presence of the Chief of Police. Mr. Phaidonos, "gave us some details, some evidence, some data and some information", he said, adding that the Chief of Police took his relevant notes and has duly undertaken to examine them with the greatest possible care and attention the information provided by Mr. Phaidonos, he added.

He also explained that there are some issues, whether it is called crime or drugs, about which he is not in a position for security reasons to announce. He added that they have already announced at an official level some measures for both crime and violence in the stadiums.

There are measures in that announcement which unfortunately for internal security reasons cannot be announced, added the Minister of Justice, adding that at this stage he does not want to extend it to anything other than the official announcement issued by the Cyprus Police. The Minister of Justice also stated that the measures have been announced and are not measures that concern each province separately but concern crime throughout Cyprus.

The Minister of Justice mentioned that this is his first visit to the Paphos Police Department. The purpose of this visit, he said, is to receive full information about what is happening in Paphos at the level of the Police.

In the context of the visit to ADE Pafos, he continued, listened to issues, problems, suggestions in order to obtain a complete picture and then proceed with the corresponding decisions and reforms and anything else needed.

Mr. Hartsiotis noted that "the Police do their duty, they serve the place to the best extent possible" without, however, he continued, this means that there cannot be corrective actions. "My role is, after listening to suggestions and problems and in cooperation with the Chief, to take any corrective actions for the even better and more effective utilization of the police potential of our country and for the best possible results, especially after the escalation of crime and violence", he concluded.

Source: KYPE