Minister of Labor: Presented a framework for a mediation proposal for a builders' contract

This is the context of the mediation proposal

ipourgosergasia Minister of Labour

The context of the mediation proposal that will be submitted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance for the renewal of the collective agreement in the construction industry, which is pending since 2022, was presented on Wednesday to the employer and trade union organizations of the sector by the Minister of Labor, Yiannis Panagiotou. expressing both the assessment that within July there will be a conclusion to the matter "either positively or negatively" and the optimism that "the conclusion will be positive".

"The proposal of the Ministry of Labor will respond to the need to reach an agreement that ensures smoothness and stability to realize the development prospects of the economy and strengthen the cohesion of society with a horizon until the end of 2027," said Mr. Panagiotou, after the meeting at the Ministry of Labor with the employer and trade union organizations, OSEOK and SEK, PEO and DEOK, where the renewal of the collective agreement in the construction industry was discussed.

More specifically, the Minister of Labor said that "the proposed improvements will meet the needs and capabilities of both sides, balanced and rational, so that they can be agreed, implemented and have a positive effect."

Additionally, in relation to the mediation proposal, Mr. Panagiotou said that it would include "specific measures to better regulate labor relations in the construction industry, to effectively deal with the phenomena of undeclared and undeclared work and especially to correct the of a significant discrepancy between the wages already foreseen by the legislation and the wages agreed in the collective agreement with the wages actually paid to the workers according to the data of the Social Insurance Fund".

Stating that the positions of the two sides are "respectable and the different analyzes are understandable", the Minister of Labor said that the public interest requires the demonstration of the seriousness and responsibility that has always characterized the social partners that at this juncture it is necessary to demonstrate again ».

Mr. Panagiotou expressed optimism that within the next few days the two sides, both the trade unions and the employers' organizations, will discuss extensively in their Houses the framework of the mediation proposal presented today by the Ministry, so that they will be able to position themselves .

Subsequently, according to the Minister, the proposal will be presented and put before them in more detail so that their final positions can be made, with Mr. Panagiotou estimating that if things progress smoothly "they will be able to be positive so that the agreement can be reached lead to the renewal of the collective agreement in the construction industry".

Source: KYPE