Ministry of Finance: The ranking of ESSO 2024 went smoothly and without problems

The classification process is progressing smoothly and without problems

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The process of classifying the 2024 Training Series of Enlisted Soldiers (ESSO) in the National Guard is progressing smoothly and without problems, as the Minister of Defense Vassilis Palmas stated with satisfaction today.

The Minister of Defense attended today part of the process of health examination and distribution of clothing and materials to the conscripts of the 2024 ESSO, which began on Monday, May 20, 2024 and will continue next week at the Christos Samaras Camp in Athalassa, as well as in the KENs Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.

In his statements, the Minister of Defense noted that the Ministry of Defense has taken all the necessary actions and together with the EF are ready to welcome this year's ESSO to the National Guard.

Mr. Palmas indicated that the successful implementation (for the 5th consecutive year) of the electronic submission of data, which simplifies the process and makes it easier for conscripts when presenting themselves to the National Guard, certainly contributes to the whole effort.

"Now all conscripts submit electronically the statement of information, as well as all the supporting documents required, in order to register their desire, which will be taken into account in the process of their selection and allocation, to the Branches, Arms and Corps of the National Guard and the placement them in Units" he explained.

In addition, he added, the data will be used for the selection of Reserve Officer Candidates (Reserve Officers) and National Guardsmen who will be selected to serve in the Special Forces (Paratroopers, Army, Military Forces), in the Clubs - KAAV - STE, in Technical Specialties and in the Military Music of the National Guard (SMEF).

During these days, as he explained, their health examination and the receipt of their clothing items are carried out, so that they can present themselves ready for their classification.

The Minister of Defense even called on the conscripts as to avoid inconvenience, they faithfully observe the specified days and times which are written in the enlistment invitation note.

He also conveyed to them that military service in the National Guard should be the highest honor for everyone and that they should feel proud of the opportunity given to them to fulfill their military obligations and offer their services to our semi-occupied homeland.

"They must also know" continued the Minister of Defense that they will join a family to which they not only have to give but also to take the necessary supplies, which will help them in life and in their career.

Finally, he called on the conscripts to make good use of their military service and make it a productive and beneficial new chapter of their lives.

Source: KYPE