"Sigma Ballot" poll: Abstention is the first party

CE91 Parliamentary Elections 2016, News
Much lower percentages, than those recorded in the previous parliamentary elections, would be recorded by the parliamentary parties, in case we had elections next Sunday, according to a poll presented by the show Sigma Ballot and was conducted by Prime Market Research. The lost votes are currently shifting to abstention, which reaches 25%.

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DISY emerges as the first party, with a percentage of 20,9%, about five points lower than what it secured in the 2011 elections. It is followed by AKEL, which records a percentage of 15,2%, 10 points less than in 2011, DIKO with 8,4 , 3,8%, the Citizens' Alliance with 3,7%, EDEK with 3,4%, other parties with 2,8%, the Ecologists with 2%, ELAM with 1,3% and EUROCO XNUMX%.

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It is noted that 10,6% of respondents are currently undecided. The majority of respondents say they will definitely vote (54%), while 19,6% say they will definitely not vote.

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The positions of the parties in the Cyprus issue are the main criterion that will determine the decisions of the respondents, with a percentage of 35,9%, followed by the positions in the economy, the ideology, the candidates of the party and its leader.

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The President of EDEK, Marinos Sizopoulos, gathers the most negative opinions from the political leaders, followed by Andros Kyprianou and Nikolas Papadopoulos, Averof Neophytou, George Lillikas, Dimitris Syllouris and George Perdikis. The latter, despite the low percentages collected by his party, nevertheless gathers the most positive opinions. A similar scenario is presented with regard to the parliamentary parties.

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Although the majority of citizens consider President Anastasiadis' handling of the Cyprus issue as positive, as can be seen in the next card, opinions regarding the developments in the Cyprus issue are shared with most considering them as negative.

45% evaluate the handling of Nikos Anastasiadis in the Cyprus issue as good or very good, while 36% consider them bad or very bad.

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In the next question, 42,1% believe that the developments in the Cyprus issue will result in a plan that the people should vote against, while 24,3% believe that the plan should be voted in favor. 33,6%, remains undecided stating "I do not know / I do not answer".

Opinions are again divided on developments in the economy. 38% consider the developments positive or very positive, while 41% consider them as negative or very negative.

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Finally, when asked about the President's handling of the economy, the percentages are at the same levels as the previous card.

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Comments of Nassios Oreinos

Speaking on the show Sigma Kalpi, Election Analyst Nasios Oreinos, noted the fact that we are at an early stage, as the election campaign now begins while some ballots have not yet been completed. So he said the percentages of the parties at the moment, are mainly a picture of the prevailing trend and not indicative results.

He also noted that with the increase of the electoral measure, he may leave EUROCO and the Ecologists out of Parliament.

It should also be emphasized, he said, that several parties are leading in Parliament with new leaderships. At the same time, he explained that the increase in the electoral measure also means that the 17 seats currently occupied by the smaller parties, will now be able to be absorbed in the 3rd distribution by the larger parties.

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Source: SigmaLive